Quinta da Graça (pronounced grah-sah) is a charming Indo-Portuguese colonial mansion, in the quiet village of Saligão. This heritage property, which dates back to the early 1940s, has been lovingly retained in it's original and additions have been tastefully incorporated, keeping the Goan essence intact. The interiors give off an aura of peace and serenity - an excellent setting for bonding with friends and family, or a restful holiday. It's four bedrooms and an open plan two bedroom cottage ensures coziness as well as privacy - an ideal escape from the crowded nearby tourist areas of Goa. Make your Goan escapade an unforgettable one.

The Village:

Saligão is a quiet and peaceful village with a subtle beauty that takes time to discover and appreciate. The roads are dotted with heritage houses, chapels and temples that beckon visitors to step back in time, to days gone by.

The village is dotted with a number of Indo-Portuguese mansions and its long winding roads leave much to be discovered. It is located just 10 minutes away from popular beaches like Calangute, Candolim and Baga, and provides a pleasant relief from the clamorous tourist areas along the coast.

One of the most remarkable landmarks of the village is the Mãe de Deus Church, prominently located in the middle of lush green fields. With its Gothic architecture and stunning façade, the church draws visitors from all over the world.

The House:

The house with its high ceilinged rooms, antique Belgian crystal chandeliers, period Indo-Portuguese furniture transports you to a bygone era of gracious easy living. Lush walled gardens surround the house, interspersed with tall trees, play host to a variety of birds which is sure to capture the eye of an avid bird-watcher.

The Hosts:

The property is owned and managed by a local couple, who have lived in Goa for most of their lives. A quick cup of coffee with them will transport you back to the days when wild foxes and panthers still roamed the vast hillsides of this beautiful land. Their keen interest in Goan folk lore and culture ensures that they will always have an entertaining story to share, making your stay an unforgettable one.